Whether you deal with PCB manufacturing or shoe design, you might need to demonstrate a prototype or a final product to your stakeholders, with the browser being the most universal medium. If you need to display 3D CAD models online, be it an e-Commerce website or an engineering application, this article should prove a valuable read for you.

Perhaps you’ve once read our overview of available options for viewing 3D CAD data in a browser:

  • Converting the original CAD file into one of the interim formats and importing it with three.js API (gltf as the most promising as explained here)
  • Writing into native three.js …

The success of CAM software is often at the mercy of the accuracy of geometry that comes from CAD systems. Regardless of how sophisticated your CAM algorithms are, if your end-users cannot reliably import CAD data, then things start to get out of hand.

In this article, we’ll look at various examples of CAM systems, which benefited from using CAD Exchanger SDK to reliably work with 3D data.

SEER-3D by Galorath Inc.

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SEER-3D is not an example of conventional CAM systems (which typically generates toolpaths and G-codes for CNC machines), however, it is directly manufacturing-related. Galorath Inc. provides organizations with tools to estimate project costs, budgets, and schedules. …

Welcome to our development depths! We pursue the route of expanding the coverage of CAD formats and deepening the existing features. All this is to address the increasing demands of our growing customer base. This fall we present CAD Exchanger 3.9.0 with three new formats (CATIA V5, DWG and U3D), geometry processing and validation properties improvements, enhanced Unity and SOLIDWORKS performance, and higher Linux and macOS usability.

CATIA V5 import

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3D CAD model in CATIA and in CAD Exchanger

CATIA (Computer-Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application) is a multi-platform solution by Dassault Systemes, covering all stages of the product development: from concept and design to analysis and manufacturing. It is the leading CAD software and is dominating in such robust industries as aerospace and automotive. …

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Working on a 3D engineering app for desktop, web, or mobile? Looking for CAD SDKs and developer tools to work with various 3D formats (STEP, JT, SOLIDWORKS, STL, etc.)? Then CAD Exchanger can be the right choice for you. Keep on reading to select which tool can be the best fit for your case.

End-users and software developers: two worlds

When I started CAD Exchanger in 2009, it was a single Windows application, a precursor of the current CAD Exchanger GUI which now runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android as well as its brother CAD Exchanger Cloud running fully online. …

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3D CAD and Unity — how to combine the two worlds?

If you have been exploring the ways to bring your CAD data into the Unity, this blog post could possibly help you navigate your way. We will try to summarize available options and give particular recommendations. We will specifically focus on unique CAD Exchanger SDK features you could leverage to build your CAD-enabled apps.

This post will be most helpful for software developers who plan to or are already developing their 3D apps on top of Unity and face challenges to work efficiently with 3D CAD data. …

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What is Open CASCADE

If you are reading this blog post, you most likely already use Open CASCADE in your app and are well familiar with it. For those who are not, Open CASCADE is an open-source modeling kernel which can be used as a foundation to build 3D apps. In that sense, OCC competes with commercial kernels such as Parasolid, ACIS, CGM, or C3D.

OCC has data structures to describe 3D models with precise B-Rep and various API to perform modeling operations (fillets and chamfers, Boolean operations, etc.). For the last 20+ years the OCC company has been focusing on rendering custom development services. So development of the kernel is mainly driven by those customer projects. …

Virtofy is a virtual presentation system. You can create and present interactive tours around places and products with the Virtofy in-app editor or the Virtofy Unity 3D plugin. Use cases include prototyping and product configurators, showcasing real estate and travel destinations, virtual training and education.

Presentations are kept in sync in the Virtofy Cloud and can be shared with partners and customers. It allows collaboration and interaction of multiple users, whether it is viewed in VR, on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

Industry: AR/VR software development for numerous industrial cases

Number of employees: <10

Location: Cologne, Germany

Tech stack: CAD Exchanger SDK, CadExUnity module…

Great to have you here! We can’t help but cherish the hope that you are thinking about official CAD Exchanger GUI usership. No pressure whatsoever, let’s just go through the ins and outs of license options.

There are single-user and team licenses available. Below we will briefly describe each of them.

Single user

If we are talking about personal use or a small business with less than five users, single licenses are what you need. These types of licenses are tailored for specified users and tied to a certain hardware piece via its MAC address. That is, one user on one PC — one serial number. While installing, you may either trust automatic settings or contact support to set the hardware manually. The latter is relevant if you have several MAC addresses (e.g. …

Greetings from the development deck, meet the new CAD Exchanger release, which arrives on schedule despite all the challenging global stuff stacked against us. Product structure update, licensing improvements, and multiple format-specific enhancements — these are just a few highlights of CAD Exchanger GUI 3.8.1.

Reporting missing references in Product Structure panel

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File formats like SOLIDWORKS or JT may have shattered file structure, meaning that every assembly (or part) will be saved in a separate file. When we are dealing with such files, there is a risk of missing reference, which will result in the missing part in the 3D scene. …

Greetings from the development deck! Meet the new CAD Exchanger release, which arrives on schedule despite all the challenging global stuff stacked against us. Visualization improvements, Unity support, and several format-specific improvements — these are just a few highlights of CAD Exchanger SDK 3.8.1.


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Unity is a popular game engine, whose scope is no longer limited to games only. It is applied in automotive, construction, marketing, and cinematics. …


CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger is a technology that enables data exchange in the multi-CAD world.

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