CAD Exchanger technologies help software developers and end-users to work, share and collaborate on 3D data, which can come in any format, from any source, on any platform.

- CAD Exchanger GUI. End-user tool to view, analyze, and convert 3D data on desktop.

- CAD Exchanger SDK. C++, C#, Java, Python libraries for applications and SaaS solutions.

- Multiple add-ons to visualize 3D CAD in web apps and AR/VR Unity applications, to simplify B-Rep and polygonal geometry and to build 2D/3D meshes for CAE simulations.

We are proud to have customers from Fortune-100 companies and feel honored to contribute to today’s leaders’ projects: Tesla in the automotive industry, Apple in consumer electronics, NASA in space exploration, Amazon in the delivery business and many others.

- 150 K + GUI end-users - 1 M + SDK enabled end-users - 110 + Countries


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CAD Exchanger is a technology that enables data exchange in the multi-CAD world.