How to transfer CAD Exchanger GUI license to another computer?

CAD Exchanger GUI’s most popular licensing model is node-locked subscription or perpetual license. Such licenses are tied to a specific computer where they were once activated. However, occasionally accidents happen — hardware breaks or has to be replaced for other reasons, or a pandemic causes a never-before-seen spike in the percentage of people working remotely and thousands of our users have to move to home offices and use different hardware. For any such situation, we offer a possibility to transfer the license to another computer, and starting with CAD Exchanger 3.8.1 it is easier than ever.

The prerequisites for manual license transfer are as follows:

  • You need to have a functioning copy of CAD Exchanger on the machine where it has to be transferred from.
  • This copy of CAD Exchanger should be of version 3.8.1 or later. If it is of an older version, you can update it to the latest version provided that you have a subscription license or a perpetual license with an active maintenance period.
  • Your license must be eligible for transfer. We allow one transfer per subscription period for subscription-type licenses and one transfer per purchase (original/renewal) for perpetual-type licenses.

If either of these conditions is not satisfied, transferring the license will require our involvement. Contact us at explaining the situation and we’ll be happy to help you out.

1. Now, you’ve got a working CAD Exchanger on one computer and you want to transfer the license to another one. To do that, open the information panel and click “Transfer license”:

2. If your license is eligible for transfer, the next panel should look like the image below. Read the disclaimers and press Transfer license to unbind the license from the current computer.

3. After the button is pressed the following screen should appear, confirming that the license was unbound successfully and listing the steps to activate the license on the new computer.

Activation on the new computer does not differ from initial activation when you first installed and purchased CAD Exchanger.

And that’s it! As you can see, the whole process is quite straightforward. In any case, if you face any issues during this process, please let us know and we’ll help you out.

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