How to simplify a B-Rep model with CAD Exchanger SDK?

What is B-Rep Simplification?

Section of a solid model with multiple through holes and after passing through Hole remover

B-Rep Simplification Use Cases

Precise 3D CAD model in Boundary Representation is an ultimate digital representation of a physical product, a precursor of its digital twin if you will.

  • CAE simulation
  • Collaborative engineering
  • IP (Intellectual Property) protection
  • Visualization and rendering
Section of a solid assembly before and after passing through the Internal faces remover

B-Rep Simplification Tools

B-Rep simplification is used to remove blind and through holes, internal faces and bodies, and small bodies. Depending on the set parameter, the algorithm identifies corresponding geometric configurations and removes them.

  • Hole remover
CAD Exchanger holes remover: 4517 faces → 3247 faces
  • Internal faces and bodies remover
CAD Exchanger internal faces and bodies remover: 13818 faces → 4172 faces → 2401 faces
  • Small bodies remover
CAD Exchanger small bodies remover: 20372 faces → 13095 faces

B-Rep Simplification Pipeline

In case it’s necessary to combine several of the above-mentioned tools, the simplification pipeline can be created. There are two ways to organize the algorithm:

  • Automatic pipeline
ModelData_Model aModel = /\* fill model \*/;
ModelSimplifier_SimplifierBuilder aBuilder;
aBuilder.SetLevel (ModelSimplifier_SimplifierBuilder::Low);
aBuilder.SetFeatureSize (ModelSimplifier_SimplifierBuilder::Large);
ModelSimplifier_Simplifier aSimplifier = aBuilder.CreatePipeline();
ModelData_Model aSimplifiedModel = aSimplifier.Perform (aModel);
  • Manual pipeline

CAD Exchanger B-Rep Simplifier Benefits

B-Rep simplification add-on is designed as a user-friendly tool for getting lighter 3D models. Its major benefits are the following:

  • Model Simplifier API acts as a container for B-Rep simplification tools and provides an interface allowing to run them all at once.
  • Automatic creation of the pipeline simplifies the tools adjustment.
  • The add-on works directly with an instance of ModelData_Model, applying simplification tools only to parts’ geometry and preserving the product structure, however complex the content is.
  • B-Rep simplification add-on is easy to integrate with CAD Exchanger SDK and consequently shares all its advantages: numerous 3D formats support, no complex data preparation, compatibility with C++, C#, and Java.



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