eachTick Leverages CAD Exchanger to Import Users’ Data into Unity-Based Virtofy


Real-time 3D goes way beyond entertainment. Photorealistic visualization plays a greater role in industrial use cases, which call for high-performance processing, multi-device application, and usability.

  1. There is no runtime import of models, only within the edit mode.
  2. Unity engine supports only few selected formats (fbx, obj, dae, 3ds).
  3. Unity is geared for polygonal representation (meshes).
  4. Not all plugins are high quality. To select, test and finally integrate an appropriate option is a time-consuming process.


That thorough research resulted in the only viable option that would fit a few business-critical constraints:

  • Support most formats including both precise B-Reps and polygonal meshes.
  • Technical licensing mechanism (no per-seat node-locks).
  • Reasonable SDK pricing to achieve an affordable end-user price tag.
  1. The Unity-based Virtofy application can import all SDK formats (20+) in runtime.
  2. All supported data — mesh and B-Rep, colors, materials and textures, and even PMI — can be imported into Unity scenes.
  3. Data can be imported during application runtime without having to go through any preparatory stage.
  4. Access to all SDK features, including user-controlled mesh generation, model measurement and exploration, mesh decimation from within Unity.


Thanks to clear and streamlined API and detailed documentation, integrating CAD Exchanger into Virtofy took about a month and eachTick can focus solely on the domain-specific functionality.

  • Clear API. Well-structured API with online documentation and examples enables really fast and easy integration.
  • Fast and reliable support. During the testing period, the eachTick team had multiple questions, which were quickly solved by the friendly and professional support of CAD Exchanger.
  • Consistent performance. Thanks to a smooth work of SDK, the eachTick team doesn’t have to worry about data import and can focus their resources on improving Virtofy key features.



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CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger is a technology that enables data exchange in the multi-CAD world.