CAD Exchanger GUI Licensing Explained

Great to have you here! We can’t help but cherish the hope that you are thinking about official CAD Exchanger GUI usership. No pressure whatsoever, let’s just go through the ins and outs of license options.

There are single-user and team licenses available. Below we will briefly describe each of them.

Single user

If we are talking about personal use or a small business with less than five users, single licenses are what you need. These types of licenses are tailored for specified users and tied to a certain hardware piece via its MAC address. That is, one user on one PC — one serial number. While installing, you may either trust automatic settings or contact support to set the hardware manually. The latter is relevant if you have several MAC addresses (e.g. wifi and network card).

Subscription license

CAD Exchanger GUI subscription is purchased for 12 months and can be renewed annually. It is a full, yet temporary, pack with all new updates included. You may either renew your subscription or deal without it and get back whenever your project demands.

In case you are working on a temporary project, involving CAD data exchange or simply have no room for higher upfront payments, subscription license is a smart choice.

Perpetual license

By purchasing a perpetual license, you get life-long access to CAD Exchanger GUI. You can still stick with the purchased CAD Exchanger version forever.

Perpetual licenses will be a good fit for those who deal with 3D CAD data on a regular basis and would like to save time firing a full-blown CAD system every time the need occurs.

If you want to access future releases of CAD Exchanger (not just stick to the version you purchased), then you can purchase it annually for an extra incremental small fee (about 25% of the full license). We always recommend that in order to stay tuned for regular enhancements, bug fixes, new formats, and features. If you drop maintenance, you can resume it later, but that will be a subject for the reinstatement fee. So if you plan to use CAD Exchanger regularly and to minimize license fees, then keeping active maintenance is the way to go.

Team users

In the case of a large staff in need of CAD Exchanger, it is reasonable to select one of the team license options. It implies a one-time fee for a single serial number that can be used by multiple employees.

Team licenses are similar to the perpetual one as regards the updates access. They can be complemented with the update pack for the additional annual fee, which includes 12-month maintenance (and typically corresponds to four software releases, once a quarter).

Site license

The site license is tied to the network domain and enables access to all the PCs belonging to it. It means that everyone in the network domain is able to install CAD Exchanger on their local machines and simultaneously use it. For now, this option is available on Windows only. Before making a purchase we strongly recommend that you double-check with your system administrator that you have a network domain in place. Also, make sure that this domain is recognized in CAD Exchanger.

Server license

The server license is installed on a corporate server so that all employees in the same physical location can run the software. Therefore it is easy to administrate. For example, in case of a site license, you would have to update each of the software copy once it’s out. In case of a server license, there will be a single copy of CAD Exchanger (installed on the server), so you would need to update one time for everyone to benefit.

We are proud to have both individual users and large companies among our customers. And we never stop trying to outdo ourselves in improving the experience of each of them. So whether you are a freelance engineer or the one seeking for an enterprise solution, one of these four options could be exactly what you need.

If you haven’t tested CAD Exchanger GUI yet, then download its 30-days trial and come back to us after trying it out. Should you be willing to invest in one of the licensing options right now, please proceed to our online store.

CAD Exchanger is a technology that enables data exchange in the multi-CAD world.

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